USA, CAD, UK, NZ, AU  Regulators

  • Fitted with CGA-580 soft-nose 'O' ring (US/CAN) enabling connection to cylinder. 

  • Built-in pressure gauge allows instant check of amount of gas in cylinder.

  • Simple click setting enables optimum gas flow of 15 litres per minute.

  • Gas delivery hose with soft-endings for easy connections (international orders only)

MDB regulators are compatible with 20 cu ft Nitrogen cylinders.

EU Regulator Kit

Complete with appropriate German DIN 477 fitting. Please note the Gase-Dopp cylinder weighs 4.8 kgm full & has gas at a higher pressure (200 bar/2900 psi) so the 2 litre cylinder contains 400 litres of compressed nitrogen/stickstoff which gives a flow time of almost 30 minutes (at the optimum 15 litres/minute). The Maxx Hund regulator accommodates the higher pressure.

DHL (international orders) Requires Signature on Delivery. PO Boxes and post offices are NOT accepted.

AU orders sent via AusPost Express.

Any taxes and duties to be paid by receiver upon delivery.

*Please allow approximately 6 weeks processing and delivery

*MDB is not affiliated with any gas supplier in any country. 

*AU kits do NOT include tubing

*Pictures are for display purposes. Colour and style may vary.