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USA, UK & CANADA Regulator Kits 

*PLEASE NOTE - There is a current 10 week waiting list for this UK & US Kits

( NZ temporarily unavailable)

  • Fitted with CGA-580 soft-nose 'O' ring (US/CAN) enabling connection to cylinder. 

  • Built-in pressure gauge allows instant check of amount of gas in cylinder.

  • Simple click setting enables optimum gas flow of 15 litres per minute.

  • Gas delivery hose with soft-endings for easy connections.

MDB regulators are compatible with 20 cu ft Nitrogen cylinders.

EU Regulator Kit

Complete with appropriate German DIN 477 fitting. Please note the Gase-Dopp cylinder weighs 4.8 kgm full & has gas at a higher pressure (200 bar/2900 psi) so the 2 litre cylinder contains 400 litres of compressed nitrogen/stickstoff which gives a flow time of almost 30 minutes (at the optimum 15 litres/minute). The Maxx Hund regulator accommodates the higher pressure.

DHL Requires Signature on Delivery. PO Boxes are NOT accepted.

Any taxes and duties to be paid by receiver upon delivery.

*Please allow approximately 6 -8 weeks processing and delivery.

Full Nitrogen Cylinders are available from the following outlets. Please see relevant website for pricing & delivery

USA - Cyberweld

EU - Gase-Dopp

UK - Please email MDB

*MDB is not affiliated with any gas supplier in any country.