Because the best beer deserves nitro

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  • Cylinders contain ~ 420 litres (15 ft³) & measure 11.5cm x 50cm & weigh 3.4kg
  • Australian MDB kit ships with full nitrogen contents
  • Australian MDB kit includes the custom regulator
  • Purchasers must be 50 years and over. Photo ID MUST be sent to PRIOR to shipping.
  • Please note prices are in USD. GST where applicable applied at checkout. Photo example only. Colour/style may vary.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks processing and delivery. Tracking details will be emailed once generated.

All cylinders have indefinite shelf-life, making them convenient for long-term storage.

* Australian MDB cylinders are freighted as 'dangerous goods' (because they are compressed gas, not because the gas is Nitrogen)

To inquire about availability in other countries, please use the 'Contact' page & email Max Dog Brewing.